Website and landing page for the franchise and CRM-system for the Apple products store

iProdal is a service for exchanging and selling Apple devices. On the service website users can calculate the cost of exchanging their old device for a new one and see the current offers.


  • Creating an online store where the user could quickly calculate the cost of exchanging or selling a device, as well as choose a new or used device and leave a request;
  • Developing a CRM-system that would cover all the needs of the store;
  • Creating a one-page presentation website for the franchise.


Before we began our work, we conducted a study that revealed that:

  • 37% of active Internet users use Apple devices;
  • The target audience is people aged 23-35 from big cities of Russia;
  • 70% of Apple tech owners would like to upgrade to a new device;
  • 95% of potential customers are primarily interested in the price.

Having studied the offers from competitors on the market and based on our analysis, we defined the main requirements for our future website:

  • Users should be able to quickly and easily make accurate calculations on the site.
  • There are a lot of shady companies and ads on message boards that offer second-hand devices, so users are often suspicious of them. The iProdal service is an honest trade-in service and a reliable store, so the website needed to reflect these main advantages of the company.
An example of how the calculator works
An example of how the calculator works

Online store

One of the main purposes of the website was to present a catalog of used devices. We worked in detail on the design, layout, user scripts, but this was not enough to make the catalog look neat. Together with the client, we compiled regulations for photos of used devices so that they were in harmony with the company's corporate colors and the website design.

CRM system

We could write a separate post about the system we developed, but here is a brief description of its functionality:

  • Processing and storage of leads, deals, and information about customers;
  • Automatic newsletters and emails informing the client about their order status
  • Warehouse and retail inventory accounting, integration with cash register and accounting
  • Financial accounting and planning
  • Task-manager
  • Admin panel for the online calculator

Integrations and ecosystem building

When developing the website and CRM-system we integrated the product with the following services:

  • Bitrix 24, initially it was necessary to quickly launch the product and calculate the conversion rate, its own CRM was not ready yet, so we used an off-the-shelf solution;
  • Yandex.Market
  • Mailgun for email newsletters
  • SMS Aero for SMS notifications
  • Asana for the task manager
  • Google Spreadsheet API for automated updates of vendor prices
  • Price parsing on Avito
  • Instagam
  • Competitors' price parsing

Website and franchise presentation

Our franchise presentation was aimed at demonstrating to the potential franchisee how easy it was to start a business and how attractive the brand was. We provided records, demonstrated the store's design and gave a detailed description of the steps necessary for a successful franchise start-up.

We didn't just develop a website and admin panel, we created an entire ecosystem around the client's product.