Prize Systems

Telemetry service for arcade machines

Our goal was not just to develop an app, but to create an entire hardware and software system for comprehensive accounting, control and management of machines. The main tasks:

  • Developing a controller to operate the machine;
  • Building and set up a server to interact with the machines;
  • Creating a user's personal account.


By the time the work began we already had extensive experience in developing controllers for interaction with external interfaces: RS-232, RS-485, ICT-004, TWI, SPI, and others, so we easily handled the task and built the first prototype in a month. After that, we started to debug the communication between the controller and the server. For this we established a TCP connection between them, thanks to which we got duplex communication that enabled us to remotely control the machines and receive messages from them in real time.

Developing a functional personal account with lots of user scripts is our favorite thing to do, and we do it very thoroughly with great attention to detail. A particularly interesting task was the development of a dark theme.

Dark theme

For the interface, we chose a color scheme in dark mode, it is perfect for maintaining the style of the game industry. The color contrast was carefully chosen so that continuous work with data in dark mode would not tire the eyes.

Visualization at the highest level

We visualized data on all levels: lists, charts, graphs, tables. Bright neon colors are associated with diode lights and electric pulses on arcade panels.

The color indication of events informs users about errors, warnings and other occurrences on the machines.

Special system pages are accompanied by bright neon illustrations showing the causes of errors: page not found, server error, or insufficient funds.

Adaptive design

We preserved all the functions of the personal account on all desktop, tablet and mobile device resolutions. It's just as convenient to control the machines from your phone as it is from your computer.

There's a lot to say, but we suggest you just look at this beautiful interface. Email us at and we'll give you demo access to personal account.