SmartVend website

Website for vending machine telemetry service

SmartVend is a telemetry service for vending machines that allows you to get a complete picture of the vending machine network, track statistics, and organize maintenance and service.


To create a website demonstrating the features and benefits of the product. To describe solutions, provide tariffs, describe the functionality of the SmartVend personal account and convey the main USP to the user.


The website design was made as user-friendly, adaptive and responsive as possible, with bright illustrations and animations. We described the benefits of the service step by step, disclosed the work secret and made a functional calculator with the connection cost!

We created 17 illustrations that show how each component of the product works.

Morph effect and animations

When visiting the website, the user is accompanied by an animation block that helps focus on the main blocks on each screen. Many micro-animations demonstrate the creators' attention to all the details of their service.


Adaptation of all the blocks on the site is designed in such a way as to focus the user's attention on the main benefits of the product, regardless of their device. But a picture is worth a thousand words. So, may we present to you