Sochi Park

Admin panel and Rest Full API together with AR Production

The Sochi Park app is an assistant app for the theme park guests. The application helps you quickly navigate through the vast territory of the park, create a convenient route to the necessary object, get the current program of events and detailed information about the rides and shows.


Our team had two main tasks to complete as part of this major project: development of an admin panel for mobile app moderators and improvement of the existing design of the app. Almost all the employees of our company were involved in the project.

Mobile application

It’s an interactive platform to get acquainted with the park's infrastructure and main events, as well as a fascinating journey into the world of Russian folklore with a full-fledged game part. "Battle of the Bogatyrs", an unusual game story with augmented reality right in the park itself, is the main highlight of the mobile app functionality.

App Store
Application Sochi Park

As part of the project, we redesigned the mobile application. Given the client's requirements, we made a decision to transfer the initial data from CorelDRAW to Sketch to be able to scale the design structure.

A total of 6 mobile app scenarios were drawn - over 40 screens altogether

Video from the official Sochi Park YouTube channel

Admin panel

The main purpose of the admin panel is to generate and edit different content used in the mobile application. In addition to the server and client side of the admin application, we have also developed an API, through which the mobile application communicates with the server.

One of the key elements of the functionality of the admin panel is an interactive map, the main mechanism of interaction between the main features of the web application. Since "Sochi Park" uses its own map tile, it was necessary to georeference the image and integrate it with the map service to be able to put objects on the map and read their coordinates in the future.

Editing an object on the mapUser-friendly interface to create and edit eventsInteractive map of Sochi Park