Wild West

Loyalty program for payment terminals

Project description

A loyalty system for payment terminals in the form of a shooter from the 90s


Creating a game interface for the loyalty program in the style of old 8bit games. Integrating it into the terminal taking into account system limitations.

Speaking of restrictions and limitations it is worth mentioning that most of the terminals were still running on Windows XP, which means that it was necessary to develop a universal software that would work on all versions of Windows OS. Also almost all terminals had TN-matrices with bad color rendering and narrow viewing angles.

The client provided several payment terminals from different manufacturers for development and testing purposes:

Payment terminal


To solve the problem with support for both old and new Windows OS, we chose NW.js as our development platform - a javascript framework that allows you to create cross-platform desktop applications for Windows, MacOS and Linux using web technologies based on Node.js and V8.

Regarding the interface it should be said that game design is very different from web and mobile interface design, in fact, so is its development. So the task was completely new to us. But since the game scenario was quite simple, we knew we could do it.

We wanted to give the gameplay a nostalgic feel of old video game cartridges, so we combined the pixel art style with attributes of a Western.

Concept of the game's main screen
Concept of the game's main screen
Concept of the game's main screen

When we started testing the game concept on the terminals with the client, it became clear that the colors were not bright enough, and it was necessary to change the color scheme.

We drew eight characters, implemented simple movement animations and shooting behavior for each of them.

We paid a lot of attention to the development of scenarios, so that the user would understand the rules of the game as quickly as possible in the few seconds that they spend at the payment terminal. This game scenario is very different from classic console games, where the user is introduced to the interface in the form of hints and the user has time to become familiar with the game.