Digitex Futures

Frontend and design of a cryptocurrency exchange platform

DigitexFutures is a cryptocurrency exchange for interest-free futures trading. Digitex already had more than 30,000 users by the time the project launched.


The project was followed by more than 40,000 users on the @digitexfutureschat. It was very important to create a high-quality interface design and develop a client application for the platform. The task was complicated by the fact that we had extremely limited time before launching the project - 10 days (100 hours of working time).


First of all, we decided to optimize our time resources as much as possible, and to do that we moved to the client's office to reduce the time spent on communications. The client introduced us to the product and we dove deep into the subject area of the project. (Spoiler: thanks to this we managed to complete the project in 8 days)

We worked on the project in parallel, developing both the design and the front-end. We were provided with an interface prototype, on the basis of which we prepared the web-application structure. Thanks to the large code base from previous projects and our experience, we significantly reduced the time spent on working with charts, authorization, and other interface components.

The design was created in direct interaction with Adam Todd, the CEO of the project, which also helped cut down the time it took to develop the interface. On the fourth day of work, we had already drawn all the main pages and the client introduced the project to their audience.

Choosing a color scheme

When working on the project, we faced a dilemma. The client wanted to use their company's corporate colors in the interface: blue and purple. In terms of user experience, we explained that we should use the classic colors of the exchange - red and green. We solved the problem by adding the option of choosing between color schemes.

The final result is a flexible interface that traders can customize to their needs: tables with charts can be swapped, and widgets with settings of leverage and number of contracts can be minimized

The client was very pleased with our work.