White Estate

Website for a premium class real estate agency


Redesign and front-end development of the website for a real estate agency on the French Riviera.

This is what the site looked like before the redesign:

First screen  of the old version of the site
First screen of the old version of the site

The site did not give the impression of an agency selling luxury real estate. The search took a secondary position and did not allow you to look for properties based on user queries.

It was necessary to improve the usability of the site and create a new style that would meet the needs of the target audience.


Our designer began by analyzing the target audience, identifying their needs, and selecting the right style.

The main target action of users is to search for real estate. That's why we moved the search bar to the first screen and provided access to it from the menu. On the home screen we placed a slider with video reviews of the best deals.

First screen concept
Start screen concept

A minimalistic style was chosen with an emphasis on typography and images of the apartments. Contrasting headings, the use of open space, and well-structured information all make the site easy to navigate. Beige and gold accents in the subheadings and interface elements convey the message that the agency sells expensive and truly unique houses.


We worked out the house search scenario and added convenient filters that allow to search not only by selected parameters, but also by keywords in the description.

Of course, everything is adaptive and does not lose functionality on mobile devices.

Adaptive design white-estate

Detailed property page

On the property page we relied on photos and well-structured text information.

We also took into account the business needs: to encourage users to register, content viewing is limited to 5 photos for unregistered users.

Details page white-estate

Static pages

We came up with the design and coding for pages about the agency, job openings, and a one-page offer for clients who are selling their houses.

Error page white-state
Error page white-state

We also carefully worked out all the text-related aspects of the interface elements and headers. We replaced the complex wording with clear and concise language and made sure that the site was easy to use in any language.